30 Before 30

Below you can find my goals I’d ultimately like to achieve before I turn 30! These are life goals I’ve created for myself

1. Reach and maintain a healthy weight
I am slightly overweight, and would like to achieve and continue my “post baby” weight again.
2. Stop drinking soda pop.
I previously have been known to live off soda pop, and as it is terrible for you(and honestly contributing to my weight concerns!)
3. Read all 5/20 books on my Kindle.
I have quite a bit I need to read before buying more!
4. Visit Pearl Harbor.
This is a life-long dream of mine to spend an entire day at all the battleships on Battleship Row and the museums.
5. Work on my insomnia.
I honestly have terrible sleeping patterns, and need to fix it for my health.
6. Earn a bachelors degree.
Currently working on this with hopefully only 1 year left!
7. Visit Germany with my best friend.
She has a dream to live there, and I’d really like to visit and see some old history and ingenuity of the society!
8. Earn a master’s degree.
In history. Not in my field.
9. Become a nurse.
I have a lot career aspirations, apparently.
10. Buy another horse.
Enough said.
11. Limit my intake of fast food.
I’ve already cut down processed food a lot, but would like it to be about once a month as a treat only.
12. Learn good makeup and techniques.
Right now, I am complacent and that’s not good as I’m pretty bad at my makeup and hair game xD.
13. Dress more “age appropriate”.
I’ve really got to work on NOT wearing yoga pants and hoodies every day, and buy some nicer clothing!
14. Do at least 0/4 meetups with blogging buddies.
Meeting other bloggers is not only good for your soul, but also helps to forge lifelong friends.
15. Have 0/10 GOOD articles for others on my blog.
I want to be able to help others feel good about themselves, and show everyone that you are special no matter what.
16. Start a savings, especially for travelling.

  • September 2017: $100