5-Minute Office Exercises

Ever want to try to get a few minutes of a workout done while you’re at the office, or even at home? Too busy to hit up the gym? The following worout routines aren’t meant to take the place of a real training routine, but can assist in 5 minutes here and there to supplement a weekly workout.

1. Counter Push-Ups.

Simply find a counter, table, anything steady, and place your hands shoulder width apart. Keep your back straight, with your feet together and do as many push-ups as you can. These help with upper body strength training, and takes a mere 5 minutes. Please use caution when doing this and ensure you are using a stable surface.

2. Leg-Ups
Lie flat on your back(on the ground, couch, whatever you have around) with your legs straight together. Slowly lift your legs, still together, upward. Hold for 5 seconds and lower slowly. Do this for at least 10 reps, more if you can. Gradually up the number of reps you can do. This tones your lower abs, and hip area.(A stubborn area for most of us women!)

I will gradually add to this list over time. If you’d like to submit a quick 5 minute workout, please don’t hesitate to contact me!