Like many parents, you are here because we often begin discussing what methods of learning are best for our children, and sometimes public school systems may not seem like the best answer anymore. Or perhaps you’re like me, and always considered homeschooling from the birth of your child(ren). I am here to tell you, as a homeschooling mother, it is not as daunting as it may appear. In fact, some children thrive in a homeschool atmosphere, were they may have failed in other school systems. Here are a few things to remember, however, as you educate yourself about homeschooling:

  • No one can tell you that homeschooling is right for you.
  • CHECK WITH YOUR STATE/COUNTRY FOR REGULATIONS! Here in Texas we have very lax homeschooling laws so long as our children meet state requirements for their grade levels. Not all states follow the same regulations.
  • Choose curriculum’s based upon what fits your family. Not every method works for every family.

Digital Curriculum

Abeka Academy-Abeka is a christian-based homeschool program that offers traditional book learning, as well as videos, and even an online based full curriculum. They are highly rated throughout the United States for their learning system as you may choose Kits based on grade level, or buy only items you may need.
Time4Learning-Online-based system of videos based on the grade level of your child. Highly popular to use on its own, as well as mixed with other curriculum. If you choose, there is even an add-on system for foreign language classes if you have older students**I use this for my Kindergartner, and it is very good quality for the price we pay!**

Traditional Curriculum

Charlotte Mason Method-Charlotte Mason method has at its core the belief that children are not mere containers waiting to be filled with knowledge, but persons in their own right deserving of respect. According to Charlotte Mason, children should be given time to play, create, and be involved in real-life situations from which they can learn. Students of the Charlotte Mason method take nature walks, visit art museums, and learn geography, history and literature from “living books.” Please click the link to learn more in depth.
Waldorf Method-Waldorf method is also used in some homeschools. Waldorf education is based on the work of Rudolf Steiner and stresses the importance of educating the whole childn- body, mind and spirit. In the early grades there is an emphasis on arts and crafts, music and movement, and nature. Older children are taught to develop self-awareness and how to reason things out for themselves. Children in a Waldorf homeschool do not use standard textbooks; instead the children create their own book. Please click the link to learn more.
Montessori Method-Montessori materials are also popular in some homeschools. The Montessori method emphasizes “errorless learning” where the children learn at their own pace and in that way develop their full potential. The Montessori homeschool emphasizes beauty and quality and avoids things that are confusing or cluttered. Wooden tools are preferred over plastic tools and learning materials are kept well organized and ready to use. For help, the Montesorri homeschooling family would turn to their library to read books about the Montessori method. They might also contact a Montessori school in their neighborhood for suggestions and guidance.Please click the link to learn more in depth.
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