Salut!-The Blogger, Herself

My name is Shanae, and I was born in Texas in 1991. That makes me currently 28 years old. I had the pleasure of being raised in two different cultures. I am both American and English. I am grateful to have both a European, as well as American perspective on the world. It has given me the desire to expand and immerse myself in learning about other cultures across the planet. I live in Texas with my husband, daughter, two roommates, and a plethora of animals♥.
I am a lover of tea, video games are also for girls, and my pupper is my ♥. I’m addicted to cute things, the colour pink, and highlighters{seriously. My school notes. Rainbow}. Sushi& Beef Bulgogi consume my being.
I watch a lot of anime, favouring Kuroshitsuji, Shingeki no Kyojin, Sailor Moon Crystal, and High School DxD currently. Video games occupy my free time: Fallout, Skyrim, South Park, Poke’Mon…
I also spent time as a historian, junior web developer in training, and perpetual student, but more than that I am on a journey of self-discovery. I also love makeup. Too much.

Simplistically Shanae

Aptly named for the fact that is simplistically about my life.
I started this blog at the beginning of 2016 after many years of avoiding the online world. Before Simplistically Shanae, there were a few graphic sites, as I began my journey on GeoCities like most 90’s kids.
This blog is my way of sharing noteworthy moments of my life, a gateway into self-discovery, a sometimes helpful information. I also sing a lot of Disney songs. Sometimes it overflows to the blog. Forgive me.

My Puppers

Meet Duchess {or Duchie}, my T-Cup Chorkie {Chihuahua X Yorkshire Terrier}. However, as you can see, she looks very little Yorkie. /facepalm. SHe is probably the most spoiled animal on the face of the planet.
When Duchess was four months old we had a bit of a fright. After a very dramatic car ride to the Veterinarian office, she was discovered to be hypoglycemic (her body doesn’t produce enough insulin). She is my ♥♥.