January 2019

January 2019: Another Year Older

 I am highly considering purchasing a MacBook Air within the next couple of months. The more I read into The Odin Project lessons on web development, the harder it is for me to use my HP, as most of their lessons are hands on and not compatible with Windows OS. A basic MacBook Air is still high in price for what I can spend right now, but I feel like it should suffice for my learning abilities at their current level, and a bit into future learning. 

 My birthday is in less than a week, and honestly despite turning 28 I’m still somewhat looking forward to it. I have started two new medications for my anxiety, and they do not allow for the consumption of alcohol, so I am keeping it small and to my bedroom for my birthday. I’ve picked an excellent video playlist, and my husband is going to cook me a delightful dinner. 

 I am six months from graduating with my bachelor of arts in history, and will be immediately returning to the books for a secondary degree in web development. My struggles with mathematics are at an all-time high, but I am confident with my new medication regimen, which helps ease my distractions, anxiety, and helped to focus that I may just be able to pass that horrid statistics class.

 Things with my husband are going much better, and we’ve both grown in ways that I cannot even fathom over the last few months. I have discovered a happiness within myself, and growing self-worth that has given such peace to my mind and soul. It took so long for me to decide I am worth something. I have potential. I can follow my dreams. I will get past all these challenges, and come out on top! It took me far too long to accept this. 

 I have been eating lean meats, no soda pop at all and a ton of water. My biggest issue thus far is the fact I still do not eat frequently enough. Often it’s simply I forget to go home and cook myself a lunch, and in the morning I often forget to even pack one. By that point, I just honestly forget to eat lunch. 

 I have also broadened my horizons with tea, and started really enjoying white tea and oolong tea. They’re subtle, and nowhere near as strong as earl gray or chai. This coupled with water, lean meats and no processed foods have helped me feel much better.

4 thoughts on “January 2019”

  1. Happy birthday!!! 😀 I also can’t drink alcohol (I never liked alcohol, but with chemo, my liver’s already getting damaged enough I can’t drink), so whenever I celebrate something, it’s with food… And I figure I’m saving more calories and space in my belly for delicious food! Haha.

    MacBook Air works great for stuff like browsing the web, but if you’re considering doing anything that’s CPU intensive, it might not be powerful enough. When I started working at my current company, they got me a souped up MacBook Air, but it was quickly apparent it couldn’t handle the computational load I was putting onto it (would get really slow, freeze, etc.). If it’s just coding and stuff, it’s probably ok, but if you’re gonna be compiling or running programs, might want to consider a MacBook Pro! I have one from 2 years ago and it still works great. 🙂

    Congrats on almost finishing your degree!!! Stat was always a blehhh area for me, but I am a firm believer now that it’s because of the way it was taught… Statistics in the “real world” is so much more interesting and exciting… I wish they used real-world contexts to teach stats… 🙁

    Seems like a lot is going on in the next few months for you!!

    1. I’ve also considered budgeting in for a macbook pro in a few months. And definitely yes on the drinking thing. I was a big social drinker a few years ago, but thankfully I’ve completely lost my desire and taste for anything alcoholic anyhow.

  2. Happy belated birthday! I am a big advocate for Apple products – they’re well made and worth the money. It’s exciting that you’ll be graduating shortly. Math is challenging but it’s great when you can conquer mathematical questions. Cutting out soda is good for your body. Hope things will continue to look up!

    1. Thank you Nancy. I’ve actually taken to unsweetened jasmine green tea if I just HAVE to have something other than water during the day. So far I’m getting to like it well enough. Soda was making me feel all gross anyhow.

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