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My upper-level courses have kept me away from even internet socialization lately, but thanks to a post by Audrey over at Brunch at Audrey’s I remembered how important it is to take a bit of time for yourself. Despite trying to keep my grades high, immersing myself in nothing but work and class work is sure to do nothing but burn me out and cause epic failure. So without further ado, I give you my blog for the moment, appropriately named not only as an episode title, in keeping with my previous post of M*A*S*H-titled posts, but also because sometimes one must look at the world from a different point of view.

College Life

Whoever had the idea of condensing university studies into trimesters without breaks, and doing it solely online, has obviously never been a senior-level history major with a life outside of a computer screen. This week alone, I’ve got a total of four chapters, three articles, two papers, and three discussion posts to create all before Friday. To put this in perspective, I’ve slept about 4 or 5 hours a night these last two weeks, often between 6am and 10am when either Emma or my work phone wake me up. My feet hit the floor running from that point, all day, until about 7pm when I have to devote at least an hour to either riding or some sort of training with my horse, then dinner time, bed time for Emma, and studying the rest of the night until I can’t keep my eyes open any more. My only consolation these last couple of months, is that it will pay off in the near future.

Health Goals

Though the numbers on the scale haven’t moved much as of late, I feel much healthier in many aspects. I can honestly say, aside form my weakness to corn dogs and Panda Express, I have been very proud of myself overall this last month when it comes to my eating habits. I’ve found a few staple food items I greatly enjoy, some I didn’t care for, and that I love roasted very lightly salted almonds. In fact, they get me through a couple more hours of doing school work many nights when I just have no more “oomph” left in me. I’ve also been on amazon and ordered one of those “Ab Wheel” workout aids in hopes it’ll allow me a bit of help in exercising when I cannot drive the hour into town (plus an hr back) to hit up the gym. I’m guessing the gym is going to be an weekend ordeal only, and only weekends where I actually spend overnight in town.

Monthly Goals

I’ve set a few goals for myself to be completed by the end of April, so I suppose this round will be a bi-monthly goal since it is just the 2nd week of March. These personal goals should, ideally, be fairly easy for me to make time before despite my increasingly busy schedule.

  • Do one kind thing a week for someone. No matter how small.
  • Make it a point to interact with Misty(horse) daily, even if only time for grooming
  • Make time for skincare EVERY day, not just a couple of times a week
  • Read at least ONE chapter of a book that is NOT required for schooling
  • Take Emma on a learning trip(“field trip”) to a zoo, or nature center
  • 30 minutes of some sort of exercise/workout daily


There are many things that I’ve currently half-ass created to add to this blog, and it is an unstated now stated goal that I will add at least one page a month until I feel as if I’ve put enough effort into actually creating a web space I am proud of. I know many of you bloggers already have region, or statewide meetups for your areas. Unless you’ve become good friends, you all have likely not met one another in person. This can be a hard thing to do, thanks to many of us having busy schedules and other commitments in life. However, if there is not one already in place, and there is enough interest, I would like to create something for those of us in the Southwest region. Should any of you be interested in helping to organize some sort of annual Blog Conference or Meet-Up, please fill out the contact form or directly comment here. I think many of us would love to meet one another, but let’s face it, trying to organize something like that on your own can be a daunting task that many shy away from. Personally, finding a way for everyone to socialize, “come out of their shell” a bit, and finding friends who you may not normally have the opportunity to meet can make a huge positive impact on someone’s life, and I think it’s quite important. Not only does it allow us to socialize and get to know one another personally, but also to grow and learn as bloggers in an ever changing society where emphasis is placed on website “hits” and “followers”.


Reading: Boring textbooks -.-
Completed Goals: Began my weight loss journey in full, and have somehow stayed mostly on track.
Managed to complete two blocks in language software over the course of February
Misty has been transported to my property, and so far is doing quite well!
Linked a few more Homeschool items on the site. Hopefully they’ll benefit others as they have our family!

8 thoughts on “Point of View

    1. I’m pretty scatterbrained. If I don’t do something to organize my thoughts they pretty much end up like scrambled eggs up there lol. Thank you so much for stopping by Kate!

  1. It’s very important to have some time for yourself! Good luck with your coursework and health goals! Wow, you’re just powering through the days from morning til sunset! At least all of your hard work will pay off in the future!

  2. I’m exhausted just reading your schedule – I really hope it pays off for you and you manage to avoid burn out. Also I love how you’ve broken your goals down and made them real. Good luck!

  3. Yesss it’s so important to take care of ourselves and be kind to ourselves! An especially low period of my college experience was my Fall 2016 semester of college; I took many difficult courses for my major and felt short on time, which meant that a lot of things I wanted to do (the fun things ;)) had to be put on hold. It really hurt me mentally and emotionally, and I had a few friends and classmates in the same boat, as they were taking the same difficult courses for our major. The following semester, I knew I HAD to take care of myself, give myself the time and space I needed, and rediscover my excitement for things I used to be passionate about. I’m so glad I took the time I needed. Some of my friends didn’t, and instead took the method of loading themselves up with more work so that they could graduate early and get out of there. All this to say that I fully support taking time for yourself, as busy as life gets. I truly believe that it works out better in the long term, and it helps with coping with difficulties, and even thriving! // My college is on the semester system, and my brother’s college is on the quarter system. All these systems are so confusing. I’m used to the semester system though, because that’s the system I was on from elementary to high school and now college! Good luck with your assignments! Doesn’t it feel like everything happens at once?? You’ll start with a calm semester/trimester, and then all of a sudden everything happens o.o Why do professors do this?? Please have mercy on us // Oh my god I love Panda Express. And I haven’t had corn dogs since elementary school, but now I really want corns dogs… Hot Dog On A Stick was my childhood. I used to get it at the mall in my hometown all the time. But anywayssss. Glad you’re feeling healthier! It’s so important to find something that works for you. If you can’t find time to go to the gym as often as you’d like, then so be it! Simply find something that works with that rather than trying to fight it and then stressing yourself out. I think that figuring out home workouts is a good way to go. Good luck with that! Sometimes I like to look up yoga or pilates workouts on Youtube; they’re so convenient! My favourite way to workout is to swim, but getting myself all the way to the pool is hard… (I mean, I’m just lazy, but it’s hard haha) // Good luck with your monthly goals! Be kind to yourself too! <3 <3 <3 Hope March has been going well for you so far and that you find some restful moments where you can. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    1. It’s SUPER hard for me to remember to take time for myself, especially right now with everything going on. I just realized if I didn’t I’d probably lose my marbles lol.

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