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It Happened One Night

You might be wondering about the strange title, and possibly the one of my previous entry. Well, there is a perfectly logical explanation for it: I’ve decided that all of my posts that are not specifically a review, suggestion or other specific subject will all be titled after an episode of M*A*S*H as an homage to my favourite television show. Now that being said, I’m posting in such quick succession to my previous post as there have been some new developments, both in life and on the site. I’m trying to stay positive about the choices I am making to better my outlook on life, and my health despite stress being a constant factor. I would also like to thank many of you for your kind words the last couple of months as I try to improve myself and my life. You have been a blessing.


As many of you know, my Chorkie(Chihuahua X Yorkshire Terrier) puppy has some health problems that are proving to be a thorn in my side. We’re trying to treat her Hypoglycemia without medication, and overall she has been doing quite well. However, the last two days she has been refusing to eat at all, thus another blood sugar crash occurred. I assumed she was refusing to eat her dry food out of sheer pickiness because I ran out of her wet food packets I add to it, and have yet to get into town to PetCo to buy more. As I was playing with her this morning, I discovered she had a loose tooth, and I mean very loose. So I let her chew on my fingers a little for relief, and it popped out easily. Now, after a few hours she’s as hungry as a bear!

the culprit

Site Additions

I’ve added a new section to my blog, “Homeschooling”. This is a resource and information area for parents who choose to go the path of homeschooling their children. Thanks to technology we have many different options to educate children aside from public and private schooling. Some may choose the traditional route of books and paper, but there have also been a surge of digital curriculum as of late. Personally I use a mix of digital and textbook curriculum, but everything works differently for each family. I hope these resources and links will help anyone who is considering or already schooling their children at home. NOTE: Some of these worksheets will also work for those wanting to give their children a head start before sending them to school.
I am also working throughout this evening to include a couple of new “at home” workouts for the 5-minute workouts page in hopes that it will help those of you with busy schedules to get at least some workout done when you cannot make it to the gym, or other workout venue.

Health-Conscious Choices

Today began my 24 hour detox so that I can kick off my new food choices effectively. As much as it pains me to say it, I must be completely honest with myself, and I feel that I’ll hold myself to a higher standard if I am honest with others as well. Today, February 18th, 2018 I wear a size 16-18 pants in US women sizes, a XL-2XL in women’s shirts, and weigh 218 pounds. I know how bad that sounds, considering two years ago my measurements were nearly half that and my weight was 165. I’ll admit my depression and anxiety really hit me hard, and I used food to attempt to comfort myself, felt bad, and ate twice as much as a result. My goal for the year is by November 18th,2018 I will be down to a 8-10 in pants, M-L in shirts/blouses, and 160 lbs. I know that is quite the stretch, but I believe with proper food choices, and choices of the right exercise I can make this goal. Also, I feel quite embarrassed to show those measurements to you all, because I know most of it was allowing myself to make poor choices based upon my mental weaknesses. My husband is really trying to support me by finding healthy alternatives to my favourite foods(I live for italian and japanese cuisine) If any of you have any good recipes I’d be glad to try them as well! Some of you post such delicious-looking food photos!

Green Living

Recently, my husband and I decided that while we already were doing some things to reduce our carbon footprint, we simply weren’t doing as much as we could. Therefore, despite being strapped for money lately, we spent about $30USD to buy all new LED eco bulbs for our home. I’ve also been teaching my daughter who we do not wash one or two dirty items weather it be dishes or clothing, instead we wait until the end of the day(if we have enough, if not we wait until the next day)
We also have decided against using chemicals for cleaning unless absolutely necessary. Now, this may seem difficult, but I’ve found that for most things, diluted apple cider vinegar is an amazing cleaner. For stains lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide work well when paired with baking soda(This even works for drain cleaning!) I was actually quite surprised to find how much money I would save by using these items instead of purchasing chemical cleaning items. The major thing that my husband is having a hard time adjusting to is the fact that I said I will only be buying 1 roll of cheap paper towels per pay period(so 2X a month) We can use cheap cloth or ripped up old towels for majority of our cleaning needs.
So far the only thing I’ve found irreplaceable is my floor cleaner. Not only do I really love the smell of it, but I genuinely feel like my floor is cleaner with it than with other cleaners I’ve tried. I suppose I’m simply partial to it. Laundry detergent is also something I cannot part with, but that’s simply due to my love of the scent I use.


Reading: Jane Eyre…again(In my defense I’m reading aloud to E for her literature)
Goals: Lost 6 lbs this month, Cheap decor for the living room(I love the dollar store some times), Master 3 more blocks in my language software
What are your healthy comfort foods?
Name your favourite home decor piece.

19 thoughts on “It Happened One Night

  1. I am really glad I found your blog! Your layout is so pretty, and I think your title references are a unique quirk that you should embrace.
    It’s great that you’re willing to help others make an academic environment for their children. Good luck as you work on your blog. I cannot wait to see where you take your blog!

    -Yumi@Trust & Pixie Dust

  2. I’m glad to hear that Duchess is eating again! // Do you know the blog Under the Sycamore? She and her husband homeschool all their kids (large family!). I don’t know anything about homeschooling myself, but I have a feeling that online communities are an especially great way to communicate! I imagine that it takes a lot of initiative and is a lot of responsibility to be both parent and teacher! // Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing your health journey on your blog. I know that size and weight can be a touchy subject. But I also think that learning to face our challenges is the first step towards progress. The first step is always the hardest, and whilst the rest of the journey can be difficult as well, it’s good to be moving rather than standing still. Good luck with your goals! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    1. Thank you for your kind words Audrey. You’ve no idea how much that made me smile. I’ve never heard of Under the Sycamore, but I’m on my way to check it out now. I know homeschooling is INCREDIBLY difficult, and some days I’m so tired she has “worksheet days” because I’ve been up all night doing my OWN homework. I’m still a full time student as well, work full time and teach the kiddo. I can say that I feel once I get into a good groove it’ll all be worth it. And girl sharing that weight with ya’ll is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in life honestly, lol. Thank you for coming by!

  3. Poor Duchess though I am glad she’s eating again!

    Also, I weigh less than that-212 lbs but I plan on going to at least 170 lbs and I wear a size 12 in pants but my goal is to wear size 8 again. I started at 268 lbs and lost weight after 2 and a half years of trying. It wasn’t easy but it’s worth doing it for my health.

    I know you can do this! I wish you the greatest luck in doing this! You got this.

    1. Thank you so much Michelle!
      Sometimes when ya slip like *cough* like my buscuit last night *cough* you tend to wanna give up, ya know? But I am back on track today so far!

  4. Good luck to you losing weight. I should lose weight myself, but I’m taking things slowly. Very. Very. Very. Slowly. :p

    I prefer having kitchen towels over paper towels. They’re just so handy to just grab and wipe and leave it. I do love using napkins though. Specially colored ones. I’m weird, I know. xD

  5. You would have never thought that a loose tooth would make a dog react so oddly. Seems that she’s back to herself now?

    I’m in the same boat about my food choices. I wanted to start in January, but I slacked. LOL. February hasn’t been looking too good either. My main culprit is the soft drinks and fast food, although it’s more convenient and quick while I’m working, it’s also attributing to my gut. I don’t have a goal weight, but I’d like to get to a size 4-6 as apposed to 10-12 (where I’m at now). Estimating, based on my BMI, I’d have to lose about 40lbs. 😡

    1. Omg I feel you so much right now. I was doing absolutely GREAT for two days, and then I ate a sausage and cheese biscuit at 500 calories alone /cry
      I got back on track again but then last night went out for drinks and drank, well, drank far too much honestly. So there was a lot of calories in drinks alone…It’s difficult as hell counting calories in the US where everything is overly fattening and high in calories! I’m convinced that if I just keep trying with my food choices, after a while it wil pay off. I mean, grocery shopping is tomorrow, so here’s to hoping I do well at the store tomorrow!

  6. Glad Duchess’s health problem was caused by the loose tooth! I rather take that over organ problems any time of the day. Good luck with your detox! Proper food choices and exercise goes a long way. Vinegar is a great cleaning solution!

  7. phew, i’m so glad to learn that your puppy is alright and back to eating again. because that’s what dogs are supposed to do – eat like a cute glutton they are born to be! it reminds me when my dog had skin allergy / reactions and i was freaking out because she wouldn’t stop biting her skin bald and i couldn’t touched her at all since she’d bite whoever came close to her. i thought it was normal itch but then the redness turned out to be allergy and ringworm. this has happened multiple times because she’s stubborn af and loooves to sleep near the bathroom because it’s cold, thus causing her fur to be damp which leads to ringworm :\

    i don’t know anything about homeschooling but it’s great that you’re going to provide information and guides for parents who choose to homeschool their kids. i’ve always wondered how it feels like to be homeschooled and to be kept safe from all the stupid jocks and bullies in school. sometimes i think if i were to experience that, maybe i’d turn out differently so in a way, a part of me is glad i experienced all the bullshit in a private/public school.

    back when i was still uh, very chubby, i was so conscious about my choices.. now that i’m working and i have stress on daily basis (oh please elise, stop joking. when are you NOT stressed?), i tend to be less conscious with my choices. i know, it’s bad. i can binge on sweet stuff because i’m stress. ugh, i hate it. i keep telling myself i wanna lose 1-2 kg (i’m currently around 50-51kg and at 158cm, it makes me super insecure ugh) but i just seem to fail at making healthy choices lol the only detox i can do is digital detox – which is good but ya kno, my body needs a proper diet/detox and uh, i haven’t been doing it properly :))

    my healthy comfort food is probably…classic chicken soup. or cream corn / mushroom soup but i’m not sure if cream soup is a healthy choice. this choice might also be influenced by my current flu so… 😛

    1. Thanks for stopping by Elise! Duchess is definitely doing quite well, and she’s put out about not getting human food anymore, but she seems to enjoy her new wet food lol.
      Homeschooling to me seems like it has ups and downs. Whereas I’m glad my kiddo gets to learn in a comfortable environment, she sacrifices a lot of social activity and I push her academics much harder than a school system would. She has ballet on saturdays, and park dates on tuesdays so she does still get social interaction, just not as much as she would in a public system.
      I’ve been doing well on my food choices so far, but I’ve been lazy AF this week and haven’t exercised as much as I should have. Bleh.

  8. I’m glad Duchess was eating again after the tooth came out! That’s good that you noticed it and were able to take it out easily.

    Major kudos to you for posting your measurements! I can imagine that was really hard to do. I have never been brave enough to do it, even though it would probably make me hold myself accountable more. I think your goal is reasonable, and I think proper food and exercise is the way to go. About half a year ago, I started getting into the habit of cooking more vegetables and doing a bit of exercise every day (usually a walk or a run), and it made me feel so much better. Good luck on your goal!

    That’s also great that you’re trying to be more green. That’s something that is important to me as well. We already have LED bulbs in our house, and lately, I’ve been thinking of looking into composting since our city won’t provide us a compost pick-up yet. Looking into our cleaners isn’t something I’ve done yet, but that’s a good idea!

    1. In this tiny town, we don’t have anything like composting, but luckily I live in the middle of nowhere(literally) so it’s easy for me to dispose of most food wastes. However, my kiddo isn’t happy about me refusing to buy foam or paper plates because she’s now older enough to help with dish washing. I’ve no idea why she complains, though. We have a dishwasher that gets run every other day, I just require her to help rinse them off and put the dirty dishes in the racks.

      I’ve honestly been eating much less overall, and a bit healthier so I’m pretty happy with myself. It’s pretty hard when my husband is eating frozen pizzas and my version of “junk food” is one bite of E’s corndog before I give it to her -.-

  9. I think the first step to losing weight or making more positive health choices is mindfulness and just reading your blog – it shows that you are aware that you want to make these positive changes. That willingness will get you far!

    I’m also so glad that you are actively trying to reduce your carbon footprint. I did a huge year-long project during my placement year on increasing green awareness and action across different departments at my University. Since then I’ve been actively trying to make more positive green choices!

    1. I think that those of us in the age bracket of, say, 20-35 have the ability to make the biggest impact on the world. That being said, obviously some make unsavoury choices, but the majority seem to really want to “do the right thing”. This is why those who choose to make changes to help the environment, or spread awareness need encouragement, because as a species humanity is getting increasingly lazy. Improving the environment is often an unpopular opinion due to it requiring a bit more work(such as washing dishes instead of trashing foam plates, or using cloth instead of paper towels, ect)

  10. I’m so glad your puppy is doing better! 🙁 It’s so hard to see furbabies in pain and discomfort, especially because they can’t tell us what’s wrong.
    Good luck with the weightloss and healthier life… I’ve been trying, but definitely have been slipping a lot because I’m just always so exhausted. The goal is quite lofty, but as long as it motivates you as opposed to dejects you, then I think you’ll do great 🙂
    The green living thing is great. I think my boyfriend has bought the better light bulbs, and will be replacing most of my lights next time he comes up to visit. My coworker says he moves from house to hose with his, because they last FOREVER! It’ll be ecological AND great for the wallet both in energy monthly costs and the lack of need for replacing!!

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