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Tea and Empathy

Long time no see everyone! So much has happened within the last few weeks, and thus my lack of updating has resulted from this. Due to my ongoing battle with depression, my husbanded decided to take it upon himself to work a deal with a friend of mine for the purchase of her pasture mare. She is a 10 year old thoroughbred mare who hasn’t been worked with or ridden in a couple of years. She does have a few issues that will need to be worked with once we get her home in a couple of weeks, but I’ve ridden her for a couple of minutes in my friend’s western saddle, and she does ride well enough at the walk and trot. I think she will be a good distraction from everything, and give me something to focus my attention on when I am feeling down.

Recent Happenings from January

Here are a few of my January accomplishments:

  • I lost 5 pounds total for the month
  • We moved into our home, a bit of a “fixer-upper” but that actually makes me quite happy
  • I completed my goal of reading 2 novels over the course of the month


Duchess is already sixteen weeks old, and 4.2 pounds as of her vet visit in January. We discovered her to be hypoglycemic, and in need of special dietary care for the reminder of her life. She’s had a total of three crashes in her life, but now that we’ve had the vet look at her we are prepared for any future incidents. My husband may not care for her too much, but he’s done an amazing job at tolerating my love and devotion to this little pup! She also has some great quirks I find hilarious. Definitely the perfect companion for me ♥

Texas Weather

It’s no secret that the state of Texas is known for its ever-changing and unpredictable weather. However, this winter it has proved remarkably questionable even to those like me who have lived here indefinitely. Take the week of Christmas for example: December 24th was extremely cold, miserable, and drizzle abounded. Moving on to Christmas day, it was sixty degrees and sunny. My daughter was playing outside in a t-shirt with her Christmas toys. We’ve had summer-like storms and high winds all throughout this winter, and while we’re all used to differing weather this season has just been crazy! There have been a lot of varying weather patterns across the United States within the last couple of months, so I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised.

Dieting and Lifestyle

I slipped up a little within the last two weeks on my exercise and eating habits. That being said, until then I’d been doing quite well at avoiding delicious fast food. Every time my husband wanted fast food, I’d have to get him his choice of food, and follow with vegetable medleys or salads for myself. My quality of sleep has risen monumentally as well recently. Due in no small part to creating a routine for myself where I do some sort of cardio for about 15 minutes every night before bed. I’m still having issues with my love of pasta, but I have to admit spaghetti squash and zucchini noodles have helped with that. I’ve finally perfected a way of cooking both that I can stand and fool myself into imagining it to be real pasta (~.~)

The Blog

I have begun creating and adding to parts of the site. In doing this I am hoping to help others like me who may have severe depression, or just struggle with life in general sometimes. I can empathize with every little thing feeling impossible at times, and if I can do anything at all to brighten someone’s day, well, I’d like to do just that! Therefore I’m adding to my “5-minute workouts” with basic things you can find around the house. The busy lady may not have time for the gym daily, and there is nothing that says you can’t have a good workout at home! I will also be including a page with my favourite skincare, cosmetic, and hair care items. I will list both higher-end and drugstore sections so that everyone on a budget can look and feel their best.

Reflecting Upon:

  • Reading: MASH-Robert Hooker
  • Favourite food this month: Cajun crab dip w/rice crackers
  • New thing(s) I did this month: I can proudly say I’ve still found the time to become 32% fluent in basic french according to my software

2 thoughts on “Tea and Empathy

  1. DDawwww the pup is so cute! She is lucky to have a mama that loves her and takes good care of her. ♥

    That is great about losing the 5 lbs. I really need to get on track with my diet again. It is a daunted task, getting started all over.

    Holy… no kidding about the Texas weather. I caught a damn cold! I havn’t had one in over 4 years! I’m just glad it wasn’t the flu though.

    Good to have you back on the blog scene. 🙂

    1. Emma came down with the flu for the first time in her life, and I’ll admit it was pretty scary. I mean she’s always complaining about not feeling good, she’s 5 so dramatics are in full swing, but this time she ACTUALLY got sick. Luckily she never ended up having to go to the ER. I’ve been pretty sick this year too, and I usually only catch one cold in the colder months a year. This year was more like 3 or 4 and 1 bout of the flu.
      Duchess is a damn mess is what she is. She ONLY likes me, and hates the rest of the house, but hubby puts up with her because I told him if I have to put up with his jackass of a german shepard he has to put up with my british taco :’)

      The weather needs to straighten itself out man, I’m getting a little tired of using soup cans and jugs as weights, though I admit they work incredibly well if you stick with it. That and counter pushups are my go-to when I can’t get into town to go to the gym.

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