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Point of View

My upper-level courses have kept me away from even internet socialization lately, but thanks to a post by Audrey over at Brunch at Audrey’s I remembered how important it is to take a bit of time for yourself. Despite trying to keep my grades high, immersing myself in nothing but work and class work is sure to do nothing but…

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It Happened One Night

You might be wondering about the strange title, and possibly the one of my previous entry. Well, there is a perfectly logical explanation for it: I’ve decided that all of my posts that are not specifically a review, suggestion or other specific subject will all be titled after an episode of M*A*S*H as an homage to my favourite television show.…

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Tea and Empathy

Long time no see everyone! So much has happened within the last few weeks, and thus my lack of updating has resulted from this. Due to my ongoing battle with depression, my husbanded decided to take it upon himself to work a deal with a friend of mine for the purchase of her pasture mare. She is a 10 year…

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