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Hey guys, as you can clearly see, I have been working on adding some helpful information to the blog. I had no luck in recovering my previous articles, but I’m okay with that. I didn’t think them very well written anyways. I’ve been pretty busy the last few days with school work, and found that starting next week I’ll begin my process of switching my major. While I love varying aspects of IT, I think it is more suited as a hobby, and not a career. Unfortunately, it took me taking three different IT classes for me to realize this, but the good news is that all of the classes will count as elective, so I didn’t waste money in the long run. I also will keep learning different aspects of the field, because as another blogger states, you don’t necessarily have to have a degree in a certain field to enjoy it or be decent with it.

In 7 weeks I’ll be on my way to a degree in my passion of history. I also found out thanks to a pilot friend of mine that there is a group of civilians that are nationally known as the Commemorative Air Force here in the USA. I have been to a few of their airshows and museums, but never really knew how nationally known they were. They are a group of military veterans and civilians who work to keep former aviation history alive. There is also potential to learn to work as a ground crew during airshows, and even learning to fly if interested. Though I have no intentions to ever fly, as I really don’t like being inside a plane upon takeoff, I would definitely enjoy learning more about the lesser known military aircraft.

As you can all see, this revelation has me quite excited, as I was surprised that my husband finally told me to do what makes me happy and he’ll be quite glad to move somewhere for em to work in a museum if I choose. Both he and my cousin have also encouraged me to continue work on a novel I started years ago. Though it needs some major rewriting, it’s a good basis for me to keep my work going. I have no notions of being a famous author, or anything like that, but if just one person enjoys my book than I feel like I’ve done well. I love writing historical fiction, and though I’ve never been good at writing romance, that’s exactly what I’m attempting. It will be a book, revolving around four central characters in various military branches set during WW II. Romance, drama, tragedy: It’s all part of life in 1941 America. I know it will take some time to truly make it a work of art, but I’m confident I’ll be able to at least be proud of it once I’ve completed it.

I’ve been doing fairly well with my diet even, except the last two days as I’ve hit a slump of depression again. I am going through what the owner of my company calls a “quarter life crisis of identity”, and I suppose he is right. On one hand, I think turning 27 in 4 months has me down because I feel as if I’ve nothing to show for my first 10 years of adulthood. However, on the other hand, while I will always wish I’d made more of these last years, I’m grateful it only took me this long to find out what I want in life, and who I want to be. Some people spend their entire lives not knowing who they are. I consider myself luckier than some in that I figured it out before 30. My life is nowhere near perfect, and honestly at times it really sucks, but it’s up to me to change what I am unhappy about. I can do that. I’ve already begun steps to do so, and that has boosted my spirits quite a bit.

I want to thank all of my readers for their kind words this last year. I promise this next year will hold great things for Simplistically Shanae, and I will work my hardest to bring you all useful information in life.

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  1. It’s okay, we all slip up on things but what matters is to keep on going; and I envy you for getting close to a degree in history. I love HISTORY. I’ve taken a lot of history courses in high school and college and I’ve thought about getting a history degree but everyone things I will teach. No, I am terrible at speaking and I get nervous.

    1. I’m actually pretty good with public speaking, so long as I am well informed. I definitely can’t “bullshit” my way through anything, though lol!

  2. I’m so happy that you’ve decided to continue to follow your passion in history and that you didn’t waste any more time or money 😊 I’m glad to hear thatyou’re doing well with your diet, keep at it! You’re doing some amazing things for yourself.

  3. I had a similar thing happen when I began my undergrad in 2008. I initially chose IT as my major and took several classes for it. By my second semester, I realized that the passion just wasn’t there for an IT career. I wound up changing my major to Writing & Media Communications (which is what I graduated with in 2012). Luckily for me, my IT courses also qualified for electives so that really helped me out, and I only had to take one additional semester to make up for the two “wasted” freshman semesters.

    1. See, I also found out that my IT courses will transfer into electives. That’s the one good thing, so I guess I won’t be wasting any money in the long run. I basically didn’t want to waste money, but I KNEW I wasn’t going to enjoy IT very much, and the mathematics classes really are just too challenging for me to be comfortable taking. I’ve barely passed two as it is, even with all the studying. I think it best I not push my luck, haha.

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