History, Coding, and Bettering Ones Self

It’s been quite a bit since posting, and I am at least content to say that despite not having much to blog about as of late, I at least returned my comments, and engaged those of you who took the time out of your day to visit my blog and reach out to me. Thank you to all of you, because I honestly wouldn’t be as interested in blogging if I didn’t have you lovely ladies to speak to here and there.

It’s been a bit of a busy month, as earlier this month my best friend’s grandmother passed away rather unexpectedly. I stayed in town a bit longer in order to help her make funeral arrangements, and speak to all her family members, as I have known her for the better part of eight years. That’s not to say it’s been an easy ride, as she is quite the narcissistic person, and very self centered. Our friendship is often very one-sided, but despite her faults, she is still someone I speak to when things get rough for me. 

In my previous post, I said that I’d decided to continue with making web development a reality for me, despite knowing basically nothing about coding at present time. I am 100% passionate about my degree in history, but I also know my career options are limited in that field. Therefore, what better way to enjoy my love of history and culture, than to be able to share creations I can be proud of with the world. In learning web development, I will have a lot of career opportunities open up for me that may be challenging, but also rewarding if I put my effort into it as I intend. Perhaps after building a portfolio I can be confident allowing others to see, and gaining entry-level employment, I can make certain goals for myself a reality.


 I have just submitted both finals for my classes, and am hoping for the best. I will admit that I did not put my best effort or skills into either of these essays, but I am confident that I will at least receive a fairly high grade on both. The good news to that is the raise in GPA it will give me.

 I have a break between these accelerated classes, and it cannot come soon enough! April 29th-May 5th will be spent not only preparting for the trimester that begins May 6th, but also taking this opportunity to dive into The Odin Project, a website I was recommended to in order to get a good “crash course” in learning web development in a difficult, but comprehensive manner.

 I am currently working on creating a DIY work space for myself, and while I still do not have a MacBook due to the cost of purchasing one, I am preparing for the space for one once I can finally purchase either a MacBook or an iMac. I didn’t have the funds to purchase a desk, so I took an outside plastic party table, created a fabric cover for it until I can get some good sticky paper, and now just need some shelving for it. I’ll post pictures as soon as I get it set up!


 I will fully admit this week I fell off the wagon in regards to my dieting and exercise. However, I managed to lose another 4 pounds, and 1 inch off my waistline finally despite that. I had to remind myself last night that everyone slips and falls, even when doing something so seemingly simple as getting healthy. 

 I made a new friend this month, in fact she is the wife of the maintenance man out here, and though about 15 years older than me, she is very down to earth. She doesn’t talk much, but honestly I enjoy that. I am anti-social in the manner that I’d like to have someone’s company, but not necessarily feel compelled to keep a conversation going. That may sound strange, but I like being alone without actually being alone so to speak.

Health and Lifestyle

 I discovered the greatness that is Lumene Hydration Gel Mask. Being out here in this awful heat and wind of west Texas, my skin hates life almost constantly. My skin is always very dry, flaky, and just look unhealthy. If I manage to use this mask every other day, I can confidently not wear foundation after about 3 uses. It’d be better if I used it daily, but honestly sometimes I’m so tired I just forget to. 

 I have always hated the way “diet food” tastes, especially frozen meals that are “diet friendly”. However, I tried one for dinner last night that was actually fairly tasty. It is by a brand called Luvo Planted. This particular meal was part of their Power Bowl line, and called So Cal Kale and Bean. I found it in the frozen section of a grocer called H-E-B here in Texas. I usually stay away from most foods like this, but the picture looked good so I took a chance, and honesty I was fairly impressed! If I could find more diet foods like this, I’d have an easier time avoiding Panda Express -.-


Reading: Eagle Against the Sun- Ronald H. Spector

Writing: NOTHING FOR TWO ENTIRE WEEKS…unless you count coding I am learning


  •  Finish HIS-314 with a B (Awaiting grades)
  • Finish HIS-117 with an A/A+(Awaiting grades)
  • Hopefully have to buy new pants by the end of May(I have a good start)
  • At the end of May, confidently completed one entire module on The Odin Project

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust

As you can see, my blog looks quite different than it used to. This is apparent in my deviating from my normal title series, as well as the overall appearance. The reason for this being is that I finally broke down and paid for a WordPress theme, as my coding skills are basically non-existent, and have been for quite a few years now. 

This theme, though highly edited, is a theme called Avant, and I am actually using a child theme of Avant, along with some customised CSS coding that I could manage after a bit of a headache. I’m also using a plugin for this theme called “Elementor” for this post. This is my first attempt at using this plugin, and though I’ll admit the customisation abilities for my post are greatly improved, it’s a bit of a learning curve. 

As you’ll see with this post, I need to practice a bit with formatting if I continue to use Elementor. That being said, there is something to be said for the post-writing options!

It is my hope that eventually I’ll have the money to take a few courses, even if they have to be online, to become proficient in at least basic coding. I don’t live in an area that offers any kind of workshops, so I have to either teach myself, (somehow), or find enough tutorials and hope I catch on. I’d LOVE to be able to get a second bachelor’s degree, but I can’t even afford the one I’m almost done with. So, for now it’s out of the question. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t learn on my own, and test for certifications at the very least. 


 I am about halfway through my first trimester of my final full year as an undergraduate, and as much as my previous post hinted at the difficulty of the current classes I’m in, it was an understatement compared to this week.

 I’ve got two very long, very detailed essays due by the end of this week, and honestly, I’m procrastinating badly due to not only being quite tired, but also quite burned out on life in general. However, considering I’ve gotten them both about halfway done, I consider that one hell of an accomplishment for this week. 

 Luckily, I will be going to my mother’s house Thursday-Monday, and will be able to unwind a bit. Even if her behaviours stress me out to some degree, it’s also strangely a good place for me to study after everyone else heads to bed. I’ll be able to get some writing done, and proofread while there. 


 Aside from the studies aspect of the last few weeks, I can also say last week I felt completely great about my workout routine, as well as myself. My only concern is of the last few days and my depression starting to kick in bad. It seems that every time I begin to feel better about my life, and working toward a fulfilling future for myself that something always gets me in a very dark place mentally. Often, it is something completely inconsequential, but just enough to cause a downward spiral.

 I’ve decided that keeping some sort of “Thought Journal” can only help at this point, if nothing else for me to share my thoughts and feelings when talking to someone won’t do. In fact, talking to others usually worsens my mood lately, as I’ve not been surrounding myself with the right “type” of people. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not specifically doing anything one might consider “bad”, but they’re not necessarily good for my mental well-being.  

Upcoming: April Planning

 I’m currently planning for a camping trip across state, taking place May 4th-8th, at a Texas state park called Possum Kingdom Lake. It’s quite popular during the spring and summer months. While I am looking forward to the change of scenery, and the camping, I am not looking forward to the mosquitos and heat. I’ll get some beautiful pictures out of the trip, regardless.

 This particular camping trip is somewhat of a “family reunion” for my maternal family. Despite not getting along with them much, I’d like for my daughter to be able to enjoy seeing family that she rarely gets to mingle with. That being said, I don’t know how many of you have ever tried to take a 5 year old camping in 100+ degree heat, but it usually involves a lot of whining and dramatics. I’m trying to be preemptive and order a few battery-powered fans, as well as some easily done tent activities for her. 

 The end of April will see the aforementioned difficult classes coming to a close, only to begin two more classes while still on my camping trip. (Thank God for the development of cellular hotspots) Emma will also have school while we are camping, but only for two days. I definitely plan on taking the camping trip as an opportunity to do some fun science-related topics to incorporate into her schooling. 

 I am the Secretary for my university’s Outdoor Club, and with this month being a very ecological-minded month due to Earth Day, our entire club has been working on activities and information for all university students. This got me thinking about how I could do more in my home to help institute environmentally friendly practices. My husband and I have decided to attempt to plant a few trees, and though we will be moving before they grow much, perhaps over the next year we will have cared for them enough to take root and withstand this awful climate. I’d also like to buy a few hard-to-kill house plants to freshen up my home, and purify the air some. 

Health and Lifestyle

 I’ve not had to buy new jeans yet, which is quite the let down. However, I did have to buy a smaller size of athletic pants when going shopping for gym clothing, and that made me feel fairly good for a moment! I do, overall, feel much healthier in that I’ve not had near as many gastrointestinal issues as before. I also feel quite a bit less lethargic than I did a couple of months ago, and noticed that my headaches are less frequent.

 When going to the doctor recently, I did find that I have an early onset of arthritis, which explains previous complaints of joint pain, stiffness, and the occasional locking of my fingers. As awful as that may sound, Naproxen Sodium(Aleve) has drastically helped just in the two weeks I’ve been taking it. I can work out almost double my previous record due to the pain being much less. As I lose weight, my symptoms should ease even more, which just gives me more motivation than previously thought. 


Reading: New World’s for All-Colin Calloway

Writing: Two term papers…please kill me…


  •  Finish HIS-314 with a B+/A- at least(hopefully an even A)
  • Finish HIS-117 with an A/A+
  • Need to either buy a belt, or finally get to buy a smaller pants size
  • Actually be prepared for a trip for once in my life -.-